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Fitting rules

We respect your privacy and time and we know how important this day is for you. Therefore, the showroom works in a closed manner.
This means that you need to book your fitting time in advance.

We cannot interrupt a work in process and accept you while a scheduled fitting is taking place in the showroom.

At any given moment, there is ALWAYS just one bride and her family in the showroom.

There can be no parallel fittings, due to the fact that it is a very exciting and private process and we do not want to introduce any embarrassment or haste into it.

We offer paid fittings, where you can take your close friends with. Cold champagne and quiet music means you will fully enjoy the search for the dress of your dream.

The duration of a fitting is one to two hours.

We will not hold a fitting if there is makeup on your skin, in particular a foundation.

A dress can be sewed on, taken in or remade only at the expense of the customer, in case the customer is not ready to wait for the delivery of the respective size (4-12 weeks). The entire process takes a maximum of two days.

We work at the time which is convenient for you, but the day of visiting the gallery should be booked in advance.